Beata Vergine Maria Church
Verona, Italy

Borgo Nuovo Parish

Competition won 2006



For the Church of the ‘Beata Vergine Maria’ we wanted to give the community an evocative space where both beauty and spirituality could be found. Externally the Church has an immediately recognisable form, a holy Christian architecture that imposes itself with solemn sobriety with respect to the surrounding blocks of flats and council houses. The internal areas were conceived in function of natural and artificial lighting: physical reality, spiritual meaning and emotion. Light comes mainly from above, and upon entering the Church, becomes brighter as we approach the altar. In the lateral walkways tall and thin openings that characterize the sides of the Church allow the light to enter. It is then filtered by slender linear blades and reaches the inside diffused and almost “dusty”, thereby creating an atmosphere of timelessness. Architecture seeks transcendence, mystery that attracts, small spirals that allow perceptions of beyond.