November 2023

♦   Studio's architects will be speakers on next Nov 10th, in the meeting promoted by AV3 cultural association in Verona.

November 2022

♦   Soux at home association, architecture school for children, invited as guest

July 2021

♦   Pizzato Elettrica industrial settlement and officies project enters the shortlist of  "The Plan Award 2021" competition in the section dedicated to manufacturing facilities and complexes

July 2021

♦   Valetti wine cellar published in Wineries Architecture monography book by David Andreau Bach for booq publiscing Barcelona on sale in worldwide bookshops and online.

October 2020

♦   Archingegno selected as one of the 10 finalists by the International Frate Sole Awards.
On October 3rd in the Frate Sole Foundation in Pavia, the prize for the 7th edition of the International Prize for Sacred Architecture, which every four years is awarded to a construction built within the Christian confessions in the last decade, considered to be an “Oscar for Sacred architecture”, was awarded. The project of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Verona by studio Archingegno was awarded the finalist prize and architects Carlo Ferrari and Alberto Pontiroli received the title of “Ambassadors of the International Prize for Sacred Architecture” for 2020-2024.

April 2020

♦   The new Pizzato Elettrica plant in Marostica (Vicenza, Italy), which occupies over 27.000 square metres and employs more than 250 workers, opens after a two year construction site. An avant-garde project in industrial production systems, achieved with the highest technology in the fields of sustainability, energy savings and building automation. A demanding endeavour completed in full respect of both deadline and budget: a great result for the Archingegno team that works with daily passion to guarantee tangible and coherent results to every client’s expectations.

December 2019

♦   The Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Verona, in the magazine ArchitettiVerona

Leopoldo Tinazzi, Filippo Romano, La basilica del villaggio, architettiVerona n. 4/2019 A119, pp. 22-29
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May 2019

♦   On 24th May in the Riccardo Catella Foundation in Milan, the award ceremony ‘THE PLAN AWARD 2019’ was held. The Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Verona wins an honourable mention award.

May 2019

♦   On 18th May, the opticians Ottica Lov in Cellore d’Illasi (Verona) opened after a one year construction site.
A manufacturing, show-room and sales point where “lenses are born”.

March 2018

♦   The expansion of Valetti Wine Cellar in the following Modulo magazine

Valetti Wine Cellar, in Modulo, n.412/2018, pp. 42-45
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November 2017

♦   The Valetti Wine Cellar project receives an honorable mention at the "ARCHITETTIVERONA 2017 PRIZE"

October 2017

♦   The construction of the new Pizzato Elettrica headquarters started in Marostica (Vicenza); Invitation competition winning project

May 2017

♦   The Valetti Wine Cellar project enters the shortlist of  "The Plan Award 2017" competition in the section dedicated to manufacturing facilities and complexes

March 2017

♦    The expansion of Valetti Wine Cellar in the following ArchitettiVerona magazine

N. Tommasini, Sovrapporre con leggerezza, in ArchitettiVerona, n.01/2017, pp. 26-33
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January 2017

♦   The new offices of the Kairos designed by Archingegno is among the projects mentioned in the prize competition Wooden Architecture - Made in Italy, National Award established to reward the best sustainable wooden architecture built in Italy in the last 10 years. The award was presented to architects Carlo Ferrari and Alberto Pontiroli January 27, 2017 at the Salewa's auditorium in Bolzano.

May 2016

♦   On the 'imprese edili' magazine has been published an interesting issue about the new Kairos's offices building entirely made of Xlam wood structure.


Volume monolitico con rivestimento metallico blu lucido, in "imprese edili", n.4/2016, pp. 4-6

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December 2015

♦   The opening ceremony of Cavicchioli Winemakers Guest House in San Prospero Modena, was held on 12th December, internal and external areas designed by Archingegno.

September 2015

♦   Carlo Ferrari was guest speaker at the conference held at the Agency for sustainable development in Modena, on 30th September 2015, on the theme of wooden buildings.

June 2015

♦   “Building with wood: a return to essentials”

D. Mantovani, Tornare all'essenza, in ArchitettiVerona, n.02/2015, pp. 28-31
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May 2015

♦   Eight years have passed since we won the 2007 Competition… we are pleased to announce that work has commenced for the Church of the Holy Virgin Mary and the Borgo Nuovo parish in Verona.

January 2015

♦   Kairos, an ultramarine blue wooden building in San Martino Buon Albergo.  Built with 79 structural multilayer X-lam panels: assembled by four men in less than three weeks in August 2014 so as not to interrupt company activity.  Now, having completed the finishing touches, plants and the encasement in blue panels, after just six months since work first began, Kairos office is operational! 

December 2014

♦   “A new light” and “A contemporary classic”, the Cromsource head offices in Verona, the first building in Italy completely illuminated by  LED. 

G. Pasotti, Classico contemporaneo, in "Luce e design", n.5/2014, pp. 42-44
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Una nuova luce, in "IoARCH", n.55, pp. 22-23
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November 2014

♦   The new head office for Arca Insurance (Unipol Group) was inaugurated on 28th November in Via del Fante in Verona.  The head office occupies 6 thousand square metres entirely restructured in accordance with the most up-to-date technologies for sustainability and energy saving, designed by studio Archingegno, where 350 people work.  Managing Director Federico Corradini thanked the persons who “with ever growing dedication worked on the project becoming more and more passionate”, and added that “in December 2011 we purchased the building and in three years built our head office.  We are here, and we are glad to be in a place where we it is a pleasure to come to work.”

♦   Carlo Ferrari held a conference at Mantova University on the theme "The pragmatics of equilibrium.  Being an architect today."

August 2013

♦   Carniato Europe’s sales point was opened in Rungis (Paris) wholesale markets designed by Archingegno. Particular attention was paid to building systems so as to obtain maximum precision in a very short time and therefore respect client’s needs. The work, entirely carried out by Italian artisans, conjugates design with high workmanship and technology.

26th April - 20th May 2012

♦   Within the Contemporary Architecture Gallery in Mantova, the exhibition "luoghi e architettura" (sites and architecture) organized by L.A.C. takes place, with exhibits by Archingegno, Lelli associati, Paola Marini and Antonio Ravalli.

27th March 2012

♦   Mario Catania, Minister of Agriculture, and the Chairman of Coldiretti Sergio Marini, inaugurated the sales point “Campagna Amica la Bottega” in Viale del Lavoro, Verona.  It is a 600 square metre area designed by studio Archingegno.

18th November – October 2011

♦   Carlo Ferrari and Alberto Pontiroli were awarded the Architettiverona Jury’s Special Prize for Simem’s head offices.  The prize is awarded to the best works in the province of Verona in the ten years between 2000 and 2010.

May 2011

♦   Swimming champion Federica Pellegrini has moved into her new house in Verona, signed Archingegno.

26th June 2010

♦   The “Europaconcorsi” website has dedicated to Archingegno the newsletter of the day, with the title “Archingegno, Architecture and Light”, which covers all projects with the theme of light from 2003 until today.

5th February – 31st March 2010

♦   The Simem project is presented at the Three Year Architectural Exhibition in Milan, in the area dedicated to innovation in Interior Design within the Greenlife exhibition: building sustainable cities. The project, presented by Gemino, goes to the high innovative value which has introduced integrated systems to the international markets.

27th November 2009

♦   The book “The Affi Station, over a century of history”, written by Giorgio Chiericato and Marta Desti Baratta, was presented at the Affi library. The book describes the place’s history and illustrates the project concerning the renovation and construction of the new library, signed by Archingegno.