Pizzato Elettrica

In the new industrial settlement in Marostica, architecture generates an ever changing scenery that unifies technology, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Beata Vergine Maria Church

Borgo Nuovo Church in Verona embodies urban, liturgical and representative themes.

Ottica LOV

The façade, covered by a precious perforated veil, lifts open and accompanies visitors indoors, where “lenses are born”. 

Valetti Wine Cellar

The wine cellar represents two typical elements of Lake Garda’s scenery, its terraced walls and vineyard poles.

Confindustria Verona

In the historical head office in Palazzo Paglieri, materials and technology create an atmosphere that is both comfortable and avant-garde.

House in the ex barn

The renovation of an ancient barn is the occasion for an intervention carried out in accordance with an essential building abacus.


This project ranges from aesthetic landscape to extreme detail, so as to integrate all constructive and technological details.


The head office of a multinational company is the occasion to recuperate part of the urban fabric of Santa Teresa district in Verona.

Relais Corte Guastalla

The restoration was carried out in full respect of the building’s history, and is today a wonderful Relais de Charme in Lake Garda’s hills.


The superior volume, covered in shiny blue aluminum panels, dominates the surrounding industrial outskirts, giving the company a new identity.

Ponte Pietra Tower

The renovation of Ponte Pietra’s Scaliger Tower is an “invisible” intervention in full respect of the history of one of Verona’s most evocative places.

Affi Cultural Centre

The reconstruction of the external canopy, which becomes the civic hall, is the occasion to bring the old train station back to life.


Situated in a strategic position in Pesaro’s western entrance, the building expresses its representational role as a place of social and commercial exchange.

Preella Lamberti Wine Cellar

The exhibition area of the Preella estate in Cavaion Veronese hosts GIV’s extremely well-stocked wine shop, the largest Italian wine group, which Lamberti is part of.

Arnoldo Mondadori Editore Restaurant

By getting rid of the superfluous, the project shows how less ostentatious or even inexpensive details have a “greatness” of their own.

Verona Domus

The new façade maintains the stiles and alignments of nearby buildings, thus preserving continuity with the existing building exteriors.

Arca Vita

In Via del Fante head office in Verona, this project prioritized flexibility and functionality to create high quality work spaces.

Calv Building

For the first time in Veneto, a double skin façade was used, connecting internal and external areas in terms of climate, acoustic and energetic elements.

Corte Guastalla Vecchia Residence

In the restoration of a large rural court situated on the hills between Verona and Lake Garda, a contemporary statement coexists with a conservative renovation.

Vittoria Theater

In Bosco Chiesanuova, the centre of Lessinia, the Theatre’s local architectural characteristics are freely interpreted within a pragmatic and poetic vision.

Cavicchioli Wine Cellar

The restoration of the “ex farmhouse” of Modena’s wine cellars enhances the walls’ cotto tiles, a testament to local traditional constructions. 

Amia Offices

The volume of the new visitors’ entrance is placed as a contemporary architecture insertion within the folds of the existing office building and the tree garden.

Consorzio Agrario Lombardo Veneto

In an office courtyard the visitor experiments coexistence between nature and construction, green, wood, light, transparencies and reflections.


The project uses light to break the confines between painting, sculpture and architecture.

Mondadori Sports Club

The intervention, with the creation of gyms, swimming pools and an auditorium, redefined the southern profile of Verona’s Sports Club Mondadori.

Living with art

In a flat with a view on Lake Garda, works of art coexist with daily living spaces.

House among the olive trees

The building is integrated within the existing landscape ridges; all the levels are connected by stairs and ramps, giving the impression of a house that floats among olive trees.

Gamma Ufficio

The corridor of Gamma Offices in Bassano del Grappa become an unusual and stimulating environment, that interacts with the visitor through visual perception.

Carniato Europe

For Carniato Europe’s cash and carry, in Paris’s wholesale market, a dynamic design was created dedicated to the Italian supply chain. 

Campagna Amica La Bottega Shop

The sales area of the agricultural produce “from producer to consumer”, is characterized by the images and signs that accompany the sales itinerary.

Gamma Ufficio

In an office area the spectator is invited to ponder upon the possible relationship between coloured artificial lighting and architecture.


The head office of an estate agents was conceived as a container where work activities cohabit with art events.