Calv Building
Verona, Italy

Farmers’ Cooperative for Lombardy
and Veneto Regions


3600 sq.m.

photo credits:
Maurizio Marcato


The layout, structure and volumes had been pre-established by the dimensional programmes, by building regulations and by manufacturing practice standards.  We were left with the outer shell’s architecture. The project for the Calv tower was the occasion to carry out for the first time in the Veneto region a double skin façade which mediates the relationship between internal and external in terms of climate, acoustics, energy and light.  The façade was studied as a single surface, two-dimensional and infinite.  Like a music score, the design proposes on the bases of the cells’ regular modulation, a variable rhythm given by the different articulation of the horizontal bands.  Only at the end, according to the length of the façades and of internal divisions, the continuous surface was cut, bent and articulated to compose the building’s four sides.