Valetti Wine Cellar
Bardolino Verona, Italy

Az. Vinicola Valetti Luigi


1100 sq.m.

photo credits:
Alessandra Chemollo


Cantina Valetti is a family-run business in the heart of Bardolino’s Classical Production Area. Situated in a very popular tourist region on the southern shores of Lake Garda, for three generations it obtains the best from grapes by combining tradition with technology. The new wine cellar is composed of two above-the-ground levels for the wine tasting, bottling and sales areas and an underground level for the production areas; it is detached from the existing building and creates a courtyard, clarifying the strong relationship between the old and new. The volume doesn’t search for mitigation but on the contrary imposes its presence by putting together different building ideas: the massive stone structure and the light steel structure, a reference to the shapes and colours of the typical elements in the surrounding landscape, the terraces’ dry stone walls and the stakes used to support the vines. The steel structure is made lighter thanks to the angles given to the outer supports which follow an “organic” logic; the stone wall is tilted towards the entrance’s double height and accompanies the visitor to the upper floors where a marvelous lake view opens up. At night, the building becomes iconic; the luminous lines, like graphic signs, reveal perspectives, views and volumes.