Cromsource Head Office
Verona, Italy



2500 sq.m.

photo credits:
Maurizio Marcato


The aim of the project for the new Cromsource head office, a multinational company operating in the field of clinical and pharmaceutical research, was to unite ancient and modern architecture with elegance and sobriety.  The reconstruction of the pre-existing building, a historical fragment of an early twentieth century garden city with a bold contemporary insertion, were the main ideas for an architectural project inserted delicately and at the same time with a strong personality into the urban landscape.
Scenic design is particularly visible in the way the central façades are treated: the volume that corresponds to the building’s entrance, covered with large plates of hand-worked Istria stone, supports the superior curtain wall.   The horizontal base is contrasted by the vertical soaring of the metallic blades that protect the glass windows. The vertical protruding volume that contains the meeting rooms is inserted between the curtain wall and the classic style house.
The project unites the best architectural and performance solutions making the building energetically functional through the obtainment of an “environmental sustainability certificate” called “protocollo ITACA”.  In particular, all internal and external lighting systems are LED based thus allowing for a considerable containment of electricity costs.  The underground auditorium was studied to ensure maximum acoustical and lighting comfort.